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Posted by saviadmin on Sep 8, 2015

WFYI’s new series, “INTERSECTIONS features powerful visualizations by SAVI

WFYI has launced a new multimedia series, Intersections that explores the complex issues that intersect some of Indy’s most challenged areas. Visit https://wfyinews.atavist.com/intersections to learn more about the series.

We’re glad to share that SAVI helped develop the interactive visualizations that are featured in WFYI’s Intersections series. It is increasingly recognized that socio-economic factors play a large role in neighborhood crime rates and SAVI’s visualizations highlight unemployment rates, poverty rates, and educational attainment for Marion County and the six distressed neighborhoods.

WFYI also utilized The Polis Center’s Project on Religion and Urban Culture to obtain histories of the neighborhoods where the DPS focus areas are located.

Head over to https://wfyinews.atavist.com/intersections#chapter-247079 to explore our powerful visualizations and visit https://wfyinews.atavist.com/intersections to read all of the stories.


The 2009-2013 five-year average of unemployment in all of Indianapolis compared to each of the six focus areas.




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Posted by saviadmin on May 27, 2015

ASK JAY: What’s trending in your zip code?

A Q&A session with SAVI’s own Jay Colbert


Hey Jay, what took so long?

Jay: Data consumers (you) love the idea of data by ZIP Codes. Everyone knows which ZIP Code they live in, and people often know many other ZIP Codes around. And, they aren’t a bad size either: small enough to have fairly consistent populations within them but large enough to hold enough population to be relatively stable year to year allowing for time-series comparisons. But, data intermediaries (me) dislike ZIP Codes since they can change frequently and with little notice and not many data providers (them) even have data by ZIP Codes making it even more challenging.

Also, ZIP Codes aren’t really even areas. According to the U.S. Postal Service they are merely an attribute of a section of a street. Even a single building (or a collection of floors in a building) can have its own ZIP Code.

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Posted by saviadmin on May 16, 2014

Indiana Association of United Ways launches Community Report Card powered by SAVI

By Sharon Kandris

We’re delighted to share that we have launched a new tool that allows nonprofits and community-based organizations throughout Indiana to easily access important data and make informed decisions for the communities they serve. Indiana Impact is an on-line, interactive Community Report Card that is powered by SAVI and was developed by The Polis Center for the Indiana Association of United Ways.

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