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SAVI provides access to national, state, and local information to offer the most comprehensive set of Central Indiana data available through a single source.

But we are much more than a clearinghouse.

Our team of experts transforms data sets to make them more useful and meaningful. We geo-enable data to associate certain demographics with particular locations, tabulate information into meaningful indicators to reveal trends, and format the data to visualize geographic patterns.

In all, we provide more than 10,000 indicators (such as the percent of population in poverty) in categories like arts and culture; demographics; economy; education; crime; health; housing; public assistance; transportation and mobility; and many more.

Indicators can be viewed for multiple community types, including county, township, school corporation, city, neighborhood, police jurisdiction, zip code, census tract, and census block group.

We also have information on nearly 20,000 programs and services that address health and human service needs in Central Indiana, helping you better assess community needs and map service gaps.

Much of our data are available for the years 1988 to the present, allowing you to uncover changes over time.

The depth of our information offers you the opportunity for unparalleled precision to understand, report on and respond to the social realities in more than 2,000 Central Indiana Communities.

If you’ve browsed through our data overview and data catalog  and searched the database  but still haven’t found what you’re looking for, check out some of these other data sources. If you still can’t find data to meet your need, contact us and we will try to help you identify a potential source for the data.