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SAVI wants to make data more accessible to all, and one way to do this is through the visualization of trends.

This could include special maps, charts or other imaging used to share community information.

Data visuals can be created through some of the free SAVI tools available here on our website, and our team is ready to help you create more robust, custom visualizations upon request.

The following visualizations were created by the SAVI team or SAVI users. Many of these products are created using tools other than those available on the SAVI website. Users can submit items for the map gallery too! Please contact us if you would like to submit an item for the gallery.


Posted by saviadmin on Aug 8, 2008

Maps Show Need for Suite Dreams Project Play Garden near Riley Hospital for Children

In an effort to re-develop the once abandoned Ball Nurses’ Sunken Garden and Convalescent Park, The IU Foundation proposed The Suite Dreams Project Play Garden, which would restore the sunken fountain in the garden and complete the original plan. The foundation contacted SAVI to create a map showing the location of area parks and their proximity to the proposed Ball Gardens site.

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