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The following is a list of known bugs (problems) that will be addressed soon. If you have others to report, please use the link to the left. When reporting feedback, please be as specific as possible (What steps did you take? What part of the website exactly are you reporting an issue with?) so that we can replicate and troubleshoot the problem.

Last Updated: May 12, 2014

General Bugs

  • Some SAVI data items are missing Margins of Error (MOEs).
  • Keyword Searches for data is usually quick and efficient but sometimes desired indicators are not found even though there are known results to be found.
  • Sometimes data is not formatted properly, for example, a numeric value missing a comma.
  • Some places on the SAVI site are missing the SAVI hourglass loading logo.
  • Being not logged-in or logging out may cause problems when attempting to save maps, charts, and tables. The best practice is to log in before saving any items.

Browser Issues

  • When using the Mozilla Firefox browser, text seems to be bold all the time.
  • Sometimes in the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, radio buttons do not line up right with their labels.
  • When using the Mozilla Firefox Browser, downloading a .csv table file makes the browser think that it’s opening an html file.
  • In Chrome and Firefox browsers, when you get to the “My Data” results map, the SAVI county boundaries are not visible.

Map Bugs

  • When working on a previously saved map, if you add a new data item, it is turned off by default.

Chart Bugs

Occasionally when creating charts, after selecting desired geographies and data items, there are no compatible years for comparing the desired data.

Table Bugs

  • When filtering a table according to a percentage value, enter the integer value without the % symbol.

Community Profiles Bugs

  • Generating PDF files of Community Profiles fails if the popup blocker does not allow popups for SAVI.
  • Community Profile printouts do not include the county(ies) that your geographies are from.
  • On the “Community Profiles” page, if you search for a term and press return instead of clicking search, the search box at the top of the page is triggered.
  • Sometimes a Community Profile is missing values in its tables.
  • Pike Township Community Profile is missing its history.

My Data Bugs

  • Sometimes when county and state highway addresses are entered into the “My Data” form, they are displayed in an odd format.
  • Performances may be slow uploading address files that exceed 1,000 addresses.

My Projects Bugs

Saved objects do not include thumbnail images.