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SAVI seeks to provide vital context for the social and economic realities in Central Indiana communities.

This is why members of our SAVI team also work with our data sets and analytics tools to create unique, comprehensive reports that reveal trends and help us all better identify community needs and improve access to crucial services. Check out the custom community reports below:

WHO RIDES THE BUS: Examining Transit Ridership in Marion County
We were curious to know more about ridership characteristics in Indianapolis, particularly on the heels of the successful vote by the Indiana General Assembly in 2016 to enact a tax dedicated to transit in order to improve the city’s services. We combined information from the recent IndyGo survey with a variety of neighborhood socio-economic factors from the SAVI community information system to better understand how and why certain groups of riders used the service. Our new report, Who Rides the Bus: Examining Transit Ridership in Marion Countyprovides general audiences with an informed geographic approach to transit to see how place plays into the equation.



Unequal Access: Tobacco Retail in the Indianapolis Metro Area
Retail access to various smoking products is an important consideration when discussing community action to improve a community’s health.  Studies show that tobacco outlet density and proximity are linked to tobacco use–particularly in poor areas. We used socioeconomic data culled from the SAVI community information system to examine the density and proximity of tobacco outlets relative to vulnerable communities in Marion County.  The report serves as a companion piece to the IU Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health’s September 2016 Report on the Tobacco Epidemic in Marion County and Indiana! 

The Affordable Housing Market and Why It Matters
Several publications have cited Indianapolis as a city with a high degree of home ownership. In partnership with The Polis Center at IUPUI, urban analyst John Marron looked more deeply into the issue of affordable housing in Central Indiana.  The findings are published in the report, The Affordable Housing Market and Why It Matters. The report highlights a central theme: that affordable housing in Central Indiana encompasses a broader range of economic issues than the price of a home.




Posted by saviadmin on Feb 23, 2015

Population Growth in Central Indiana

By Jay Colbert, GIS Project Manager, The Polis Center

Recently, a SAVI user with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) contacted us to help compile and visualize data on population change in Central Indiana between 2000 – 2013.  NAMB works with churches, associations, and state conventions to plant new churches in fast-growing neighborhoods.  To help them identify these neighborhoods, I created some maps showing population change since 2000 by a few different geographies.  Some of the results were predictable, while others were a little more surprising.

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