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Resource List

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Legal Obligations of a Nonprofit Board  

Consensus Management and Leadership: Skills for Effective Meetings

Legal Chutes and Ladders: Common Issues and Effective Remedies
Nonprofit Evaluation: Telling Your Story and Building Your Organization
Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Governance: The Role of the Indiana Attorney General
Building a Culture of Accountability: Foundations for Success


Beyond Collaboration: Keys to Collective Impact

Data Analysis

Information Is Beautiful: Using Data Effectively to Tell a Story
Acquiring and Using New Census Data to Understand Service Area, Gaps, and Needs
Using Data Effectively to Tell Your Story to Stakeholders & Funders
Enhance Your Strategic Planning: Working with Data
How Local Organizations Have Used Community Data for Success


It's Never Too Early to Start Giving

Financial Sustainability: What Is the Magic Recipe?
Giving USA 2011: Who Gave, How Much, and To Whom in 2010? (available for purchase)
Nonprofit Organization Fundraising in a New Era
Fundraising: Legal Issues and Pitfalls
Going Up! Preparing Your Elevator Speech for Funders

Marketing/Social Media

Marketing Strategy: Creating the Best Mix for the Right Results
Practically Social
Don't Just Tell, Compel: Multi-purposing White Papers and Case Studies Effectively
Social Media for Marketing & PR: Got a Goal? Get There.

Program Planning and Evaluation

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Saying Goodbye to Programs

Building Infrastructure for Supporting Stakeholders
Measure How You Do What You Do
Needs Assessments: How to Track Evolving Community and Client Needs
What’s the Score? Results Scorecard™: A Tool for Measuring Success


Is Your Nonprofit a Service Enterprise
Transforming Leaders into Volunteer Champions

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