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Posted by saviadmin on Mar 24, 2015

Storytelling with Data: Engage Stakeholders Using SAVI’s Newest Tool

By Sharon Kandris, SAVI Director

Great story telling can mean the difference between getting that grant or not.  It is an easy way to communicate with stakeholders to justify the need for a grant, demonstrate program impact, or share research findings.  The way you visualize and describe your data are an important part of telling your story.

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Posted by saviadmin on Jun 17, 2014

Don’t reinvent the wheel when telling your stories

Originally posted on Indiana Nonprofit Summit blog

by Andrew Hayenga:

Too often, when I’m working with one of our nonprofit partners, I find that their best stories are not being leveraged to their potential, if they haven’t been overlooked all together.

You don’t need someone to tell you when you have a great story, one that conveys your mission to a T or celebrates everything that is right with your work and its supporters. You feel it. You just know. Sometimes these stories seem to come in passing across a boardroom table or during office small talk, but they need to be catalogued.

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