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SAVI aims to make data a part of your decision making, but we understand that data can be overwhelming and knowing where to start may not always be clear.

To help you understand particular data sets and the methods for analyzing them through SAVI, take a look at the user guides we’ve provided below.

Use these overviews to better understand some of the resources available through SAVI as you log in to our system and begin your data analysis.

Primary Care Service Area (PCSA) Data User Guide

PCSA data cover the availability of medical providers and utilization of health care by Medicare recipients.  This user guide was created to help SAVI users better understand and utilize this valuable but complex data set. The User Guide gives an introduction to PCSA data, provides examples of how PCSA data can be used, includes a glossary of terms and abbreviations, and lists PCSA categories and indicators found in SAVI.

Community Health Information Resource Guide: Data Volume

Are you looking for data for your community? Do you know how to start your search? The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute’s Community Health Engagement Program, in partnership with The Polis Center at IUPUI, created this data volume of the resource guide to assist individuals looking for data. The SAVI Community Information System was used for many of the data concept examples presented in the first volume of this guide.

Suggestions on how this resource guide can be improved are welcome! To provide feedback, please contact Karen Comer, 317.274.2296,, or email