The SAVI Talks Equity and Criminal Justice event on November 18 was a great success. 153 participants from a broad range of sectors heard research highlights from Rebecca Nannery and Erik Stiner, Stanford University Co-Director, Spatial History Project, Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis. Panelists included Rose Bryant, Faith in Indiana Lead Community Organizer; Rev. Shonda Nicole Gladden, Good to the SOUL CEO and Assoc. Pastor of Crossroads AME Church; Gregg Keesling, Exec. Dir. of RecycleForce; and James Wilson, Exec. Director of Circle Up Indy. Jill Sheridan, WFYI City Government and Policy Reporter, moderated. Event partners include WFYI and the Central Indiana Senior Fund, a fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation. Research shows that beginning from birth, various factors including disability, race, gender, and economic status result in disproportionate impact on subpopulations in a way that makes them more likely to engage with the criminal justice system. These factors, and policies that alleviate or compound existing inequities will be examined using the Cradle to Prison Pipeline framework. We applied the Cradle to Prison Pipeline framework to the criminal justice landscape of Marion County and interpreted snapshots of local place-based data that highlighted inequities faced by subpopulations from childhood to adulthood, and how policy impacts these inequities. A comparison to similar cities in the United States revealed yield a comparative perspective about criminal justice inequity on the state and local levels. Read the community trends report, Equity and Criminal Justice: The Cradle to Prison Pipeline in Indianapolis.