We’re delighted to share that we have launched a new tool that allows nonprofits and community-based organizations throughout Indiana to easily access important data and make informed decisions for the communities they serve. Indiana Impact is an on-line, interactive Community Report Card that is powered by SAVI and was developed by The Polis Center for the Indiana Association of United Ways.

The site was developed with guidance from an advisory group of United Way leaders from around the state in order to support the data needs of local United Ways, nonprofits, and community leaders. The site is useful for identifying community needs, identifying successes, and informing community and organizational strategies.


The community report card provides a quick snapshot of how a community is doing in the areas of health, education, and income.  You can view 35 indicators about the community and learn:

  • Has the community gotten better or worse over time?
  • How does that trend compare to the state’s trend?
  • How does the community compare to other communities?
  • How does the community compare to the state?

In addition to the overview, you can drill down into each indicator to explore:

  • A timeline chart shows how the community and state have changed over the past few years
  • A data table provides the numbers behind the report card – including counts and rates.
  • A bar chart compares how sub-areas within the community fare on that indicator
  • A map shows if and where there are sub-areas more impacted than others for that indicator.

The data are presented by county or aggregated for those United Ways serving multiple counties.

To access the data for Central Indiana, you can view the Community report Card all of United Way of Central Indiana‘s service area or specific to each of the counties served:  BooneHamiltonHancockHendricksMarion and Morgan counties.

You also can access data for any United Way service area or any county in Indiana.  We invite you to explore the new tool at www.indianaimpact.org and share your feedback with us.


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