As part of the Religion and Urban Culture 2.0 (RUC 2.0) project, the SAVI team is developing a new feature that allows users to map their own data. For example, a church can map its membership to understand if the congregation lives mostly in the adjacent neighborhood or elsewhere. Or a job training program can map students and compare their employment outcomes to transportation access in their home communities. We will develop and test this feature throughout 2021. In addition, we published the first issue of Responsive Congregations, a series designed as case studies of creative local responses by congregations to social changes in the Indianapolis MSA.  “Our Neighbors, Ourselves: From Congregational Mission to Community Transformation,” features the community work done by Second Presbyterian Church through its Northside Mission Ministries (NMM) program. Polis worked as a strategic consultant to NMM during the planning and early implementation phases several years ago.  If you or someone you know is interested in subscribing to future issues of this publication, please complete this subscriber form. The RUC 2.0 project examines how local congregations are responding to the social and cultural changes since RUC 1.0 (1996-2002).

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