Our 2020 SAVI Coronavirus Data and Information Hub was hugely helpful in a year of much change.

Our 2021 research is focused on equity and we are creating an Equity Data & Information Hub which will include research, events, and metrics around equity in Indianapolis including  equity in the economy, environment and climate, health, and more. We’ll be adding new content regularly.  Check out our new report, Equity in Economic Opportunity: How Race, place, and class impact opportunity in Indianapolis. Children born to low-income families in Indianapolis have worse economic outcomes than almost any other large city, and there are stark disparities for Black children and children who grew up in low-income neighborhoods.

Our equity research agenda will incorporate a community conversation on the key indicators of equity. Until then, here are just a few examples of community-level measures of equity across race, gender, and neighborhoods. For more equity data, visit the SAVI Equity Profile.

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