Analyze and Visualize with Maps

Module 3B
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Maps offer a brand new view into your data, and can reveal new insights. You will learn new tools, including ArcGIS Online. You will use GIS to bring SAVI data together with other data resources. You will explore creative ways to visualize and analyze data.
  • What analysis can be performed using maps
  • What kind of map is right for your analysis
  • The basics of ArcGIS Online
  • How to bring SAVI data into ArcGIS Online and combine with other data

Find this in Module 1A: Framing the Problem:

  • How to frame problems so that you have a specific and measurable question that can help you meet your goal
  • What you want to accomplish with data (so that you can determine which data will meet your needs)

Find this in Module 2A: Finding Existing Data:

  • What data already exists, and how to choose the right data source


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