Building Data Capacity to Enhance Opportunity in Indianapolis

In January and February 2020, SAVI partnered with Lilly Endowment to put on workshops orienting participants to what existing data reveal about economic opportunity and equity in Indianapolis, build their capacity to ask effective questions, and teach them about available data sources and how to use SAVI data and tools. These are the video and materials from those workshops.


Part 1

Trends in Poverty, Forming Measurable Questions

78 minutes

Part 2

Introduction to SAVI Tools, Topic Profiles

78 minutes 

Part 3

Using Assets in SAVI Tools

11 minutes 

Part 4

How to Use Community Profiles

23 minutes 

Workshop Materials

This infographic covers definitions of poverty, national trends, and local trends.

Download the slide deck we used in these workshops, from how to form research questions to how to use SAVI.


Advancing Opportunity in Central Indiana

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The Changing Landscape of Poverty

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Supplemental Poverty Measure

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