Our Services

SAVI offers a full suite of services to help you turn data into actionable information. While our web tools make data freely available to users, we also offer data integration and analysis, custom reports and analysis, strategic planning, and training and support. We are experts in GIS and spatial analysis, and we can help you understand your community and your organiztion’s work.

Explore the services we offer below.

Support and Training

We empower local residents and organizations to use data effectively. Our team is available to host demonstrations, seminars, webinars, and other hands-on experiences. From workshops on SAVI tools to hands-on data literacy workshops, we customize each training for your needs. We also offer a regular training series on data literacy. Learn More

Thank you! This will be so helpful not only in my job, but in my work on various nonprofit boards of directors. Sarah Halter

Executive Director, Indiana Medical History Museum

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Analysis Reports

When you are ready to dig deeper into the data, SAVI can help you prepare in-depth reports. Using publicly available data as well as your organization’s data, we create impactful reports to provide new insights about the work you are doing and the community you serve.

The Polis Center is the first place I think of when I’m approached by someone needing specific information within a geographic area. SAVI has the most comprehensive, up-to-date, place-based information available. George Okantey

Community Development Educator, Purdue Extension, Marion County

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Talent Alliance Helps Educators Make Data-Informed Decisions

The Central Indiana Talent Alliance recently released its third community report card, revealing an in-depth assessment of performance ... read more

Data Integration & Analysis

When we can combine formerly disconnected data systems, new insights and analysis are possible. We have deep experience creating long-term, stable solutions to data integration and transformation. From the data architecture to the analysis and vizualization, we create meaning from the overwhelming amount of data available.

By working with SAVI, we can…identify areas that have need, connect them with the information they’re calling about or services in the community, and then start to look at what services the human service network provides for that area. Demetrius Glover

Former VP of Strategic Information, United Way of Central Indiana

The Crucial Role of Data in Improving Public Health

It’s a common question: Where should public health departments allocate their limited resources to address the most pressing ... read more

Web-Based Decision Support Tools

As one of the country’s first public online tools for community data, SAVI is a leader in creating web tools that don’t just show community-level data, but present information in context. By balancing a simple user experience and analytical power, we have created award winning web tools to support community development, non-profits, education initiatives, and more.

Having tools like SAVI, we can hold ourselves accountable to the goals we’re setting, and we can prove that we’re doing what we say we’re going to do. Joe Backe

Communications Manager, EmployIndy

IUPUI Uses SAVI to Facilitate Conversations with Community and Law Enforcement

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Foundation Assesses Community Needs with SAVI

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IndyVitals Measures Progress to Plan 2020 Goals

IndyVitals, a new digital neighborhood monitoring tool for Marion County that is powered by ... read more

Strategic Data Consulting

When it is time to turn information into action, SAVI can help guide strategic decision making processes. From analysis to stakeholder and community engagement, SAVI has deep experience in strategic planning, community needs assesments, and other data-informed decisions.

Hunger is a major issue for Americans, because 1 in 6 are food insecure. A multitude of people and organizations are responding. Systems level thinking is crucial, however, if these efforts are going to meet all of the need. A data-based approach is essential, and SAVI can help organizations and communities make much better informed decisions. Dave Miner

Chairperson, Indy Hunger Network

Kheprw Institute Addresses Food Access Aided by SAVI

After several groceries closed in their community, this community organization needed to understand where food access was lacking and ... read more

Fire Department Plans Future and Resources with SAVI

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Purdue Extension Uses SAVI for Quality of Life Planning

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