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Data & Drafts: Understanding COVID-19

On June 25th, 2020 we hosted via Zoom our first virtual Data & Drafts event. This event focused on introducing COVID-19 related terms as well as the SAVI Coronavirus Data Hub. We explored the newly available data about COVID-19 cases at the ZIP Code level and unemployment claims in Marion County.

Event Recording

Part 1

Introduction and COVID-19 Definitions

10 minutes

Part 2

SAVI Coronavirus Data Hub

24 minutes

Part 3

ZIP Code COVID-19 cases in Marion County

11 minutes 

Part 4

Unemployment Claims in Marion County

20 minutes

Event Materials

This handout covers COVID-19 related definitions, unemployment claims statistics, Marion County COVID-19 cases at the ZIP Code level. We break down the demographic differences between ZIP Codes with high, medium and low rates of COVID-19 cases.

This bookmark has information about the Data & Drafts series on the front, and features COVID-19 related definitions on the back.

Data & Drafts is a partnership between The Indianapolis Public Library, WFYI Public Media, and SAVI, with support from the Civic Switchboard and beer provided by Sun King Brewery.