Your Opinion Counts: Indianapolis Racial Equity Report Card

Comment on this DRAFT version of the report card measuring the desired outcomes of a racially just and equitable Indianapolis.

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Follow the Money

Indianapolis Evictions in 2022

Eviction filings are on the rise compared to last year, but still lower than before the pandemic. Most evictions are from large owners of big apartment complexes. Who are these owners and why do they evict at such a high rate?

Domestic Violence in Marion County Criminal Justice System – 2022

Domestic Violence in Marion County Criminal Justice System – 2022

  Read the Report Explore the Dashboard This is an update to our 2018 report. By combining data from different elements of the ...

Who is in the Marion County Jail? Exploring Length of Stay through an Equity Lens

Who is in the Marion County Jail? Exploring Length of Stay through an Equity Lens

We analyzed more than 283,000 bookings into Marion County’s jails between 2013 and 2021. We used this data to discover how many people are in jail, the characteristics of those in jail, and how long people remain in jail.

How is Indianapolis Doing?

How is Indianapolis Doing?

A monthly look at how the Indianapolis metro area is recovering and emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic

The Good Jobs Gap

The Good Jobs Gap

There are one million jobs in Central Indiana, but only 43 percent are “good jobs” that pay at least $40,000 per year and provide health insurance. Understand who has good jobs and what is being done to create more.

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Five-year community health program focused on neighborhoods with high health disparities

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Map and dashboard with data about school demand, performance, and demographics

Great Families 2020

Evaluating the impact of United Way of Central Indiana’s 2Gen service delivery model

Indy East Promise Neighborhood

$30 million federal investment to support neighborhood students and residents from cradle to career

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