Data & Drafts: Evictions and foreclosures in Indiana--a data dashboard preview

Interactive online dashboards have been expanding across the country for eviction data, but often a disconnect still exists in passing off that important data to community members and organizations to actually instill positive change. Here, we will showcase the early development of an interactive online dashboard for the entire state of Indiana that contains important and up-to-date information on both eviction and foreclosure data.

Lead exposure in the Indy East Promise Neighborhood

Where are children most affected and at risk for lead exposure in the Promise Neighborhood? Read our analysis of the adverse effects of childhood lead exposure, inequities relative to the rest of Marion County, and action steps regarding what can be done about it.

How is Indianapolis Doing?

This initiative features bimonthly e-newsletter updates on how the Indianapolis metro area is recovering and emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic on some of the most pressing and challenging issues in our community. August 2023 research  shows Indianapolis unemployment rate increasing from 2.6% in April to 3.6% in June (nationwide increase from 3.4% to 3.7%); housing prices in the Indianapolis metro area declined in July 2022 for the first time in nearly a year, although since April 2023, it has been steadily increasing again with July’s median home prices being close to $300K; Central Indiana monthly average monthly rent hovers around $1200/month; and there is a decline in homicides, although the rate is still higher than both 2017 and 2018.

Help Wanted: Who do we need to help us age at home?

Will there be adequate services and care to meet the needs of Central Indiana's older adult population so they can thrive as the age in their home? Part 1 was held May 11 during which we closely examined this important topic of aging in place for older adults within Central Indiana, with an initial focus on what are some characteristics and potential needs of older adults who want to age in place. The second part in our series will go over the availability of specific services, potential service gaps for the older adult population, possible social disparities in access to these services, and what can be done moving forward to address these needs. Details to come! This event is a partnership between The Polis Center, WFYI Public Media, and the Central Indiana Senior Fund, a fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation.

Greenspace Assessment for Marion County

While relationships between greenspace and human and environmental health can be complex, in general greenspace has been associated with beneficial effects for human health and the environment. For example, research has found greenspace to be related to a reduction in incidence of all-cause mortality, Type II diabetes, preterm birth, and cardiovascular mortality.

Equity in Criminal Prosecutions: Analyzing Case Filings from the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office

Black defendants are significantly overrepresented in case filings compared to the Black share of the Marion County population. Over half of all cases filed by MCPO are against Black defendants while Black adults make up just 27% of the Marion County population.

Greenspace Assessment for Marion County

Greenspace Assessment for Marion County

A special thank you to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) and the Environmental Resilience Institute (ERI) at IU Bloomington for their ...

Academic Standardized Test Scores for the Hearing Aid Assistance Program of Indiana (HAAPI) Participants and Applicants

Academic Standardized Test Scores for the Hearing Aid Assistance Program of Indiana (HAAPI) Participants and Applicants

This research was funded and produced in partnership with Hear Indiana, whose mission is to create equal opportunities for children ...

How is Indianapolis Doing?

How is Indianapolis Doing?

A monthly look at how the Indianapolis metro area is recovering and emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic

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Custom dashboards built with partners


Five-year community health program focused on neighborhoods with high health disparities

School Insights

Map and dashboard with data about school demand, performance, and demographics

Great Families 2020

Evaluating the impact of United Way of Central Indiana’s 2Gen service delivery model

Indy East Promise Neighborhood

$30 million federal investment to support neighborhood students and residents from cradle to career

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Web-Based Decision Support Tools

We develop web applications that put data in context, communicate data effectively, and visualize data in meaningful ways.

See how we’ve helped Indianapolis create a consistent way to measure the goals of Plan 2020.

Analysis Reports

When you are ready to dig deeper, our team of analysts will develop custom reports. From economic development to program evaluation, we will find new insights from your data and public data.

See how we’ve helped Parkview Health discover our community’s key health needs.

Data Integration and Analysis

To truly evaluate impact, we need to integrate data from many different sources. Our data team builds long-term solutions that serve as a foundation for new research.

See how we have helped Domestic Violence Network make measurable progress in aiding victims of domestic violence.

Strategic Data Consulting

We use data as a foundation in developing strategic plans and needs assessments. By combining community assessment techniques with insights from constituents and stakeholders, we develop data-informed, impactful strategies.

See how we’ve helped Second Presbyterian Church identify crucial unmet needs in their community.