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Video Tutorials


How to use SAVI and other tools to help with common scenarios.

Understand the Community Around Your Organization7 min | Community Profiles | Basic
Define a custom geographic area and explore data about that area.

Understand Neighborhood Development7 min | Topic Profiles | Basic
Use the Community Development Profile to explore transit and housing.

Use SAVI to Support a Grant Application6 min | Community Profiles | Basic
Quickly find statistics to justify a program.

Understand Indianapolis’ Latino Population10 min | Population Profiles | Basic
Explore detailed data about Latino residents.

 Add Your Data4 min | Community Profiles | Moderate
Learn to upload, map, and save your own address data.

Visualize Your Data with SAVI Data6 min | Community Profiles | Moderate
Create custom maps of your data based on attributes.

How to Find and Download Data from the ACS5 min | American Community Survey | Advanced
Search for and download data directly from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.


Tutorials for SAVI data tools.