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SAVI Talks - June 2016

IndyVitals puts nearly 50 neighborhood indicators at your fingertips, all updated frequently for 99 neighborhoods areas.

On June 30, WFYI hosted a SAVI Talks! presentation demonstrating IndyVitals and explaining the goals and vision of Plan 2020. IndyVitals allows everyone working to achieve the goals of Plan 2020 to use the same data to inform strategies and track progress.

Plan 2020 is a collective impact initiative, and IndyVitals is the dashboard that allows where everyone can monitor impact. From the general public to decision makers to those working on the ground to implement these collective strategies, IndyVitals provides key information to users with differing informational and technological needs.


Brad Beaubien,
Long Range Planning Administrator, City of Indianapolis

Brooke Thomas,
Deputy Director, The Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee

Sharon Kandris,
SAVI Director, The Polis Center at IUPUI

Leigh Evans,
CEO, Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation



City of Indianapolis

Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee