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Data Sources

SAVI provides access to national, state, and local information to offer the most comprehensive set of Central Indiana data available through a single source.

But we are much more than a clearinghouse. Our expert analysts transform and geocode data from dozens of sources to create powerful community metrics.

We have more data in our data warehouse than is available in all of our tools. If you are looking for something you cannot find, or need data in a different format, please contact us.

How SAVI Transforms Data Into Information

Our team of experts transformsand repurposes data originally collected for administrative operations to make them useful and meaningful for community planning and analysis. We geo-enable data to associate certain demographics with particular locations, tabulate information into meaningful indicators to reveal trends, and format the data to visualize geographic patterns.

In all, we provide more than 13,500 indicators (such as the percent of population in poverty) in categories like arts and culture, demographics, economy, education, crime, heath, housing, public assistance, transportation and mobility, and many more.

Indicators can be viewed for multiple community types, including county, township, school corporation, city, neighborhood, police jurisdiction, zip code, census tract, and census block group.

We also have information on 25,000 programs and services that address health and human service needs in Central Indiana, helping you better assess community needs and map service gaps.

Much of our data are available for the years 1988 to the present, allowing you to uncover changes over time.

The depth of our information offers you the opportunity for unparalleled precision to understand, report on and respond to the social realities in more than 2,000 Central Indiana Communities.

View the data sources used in SAVI below, or download our data overview.

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Regenstrief Coronavirus Dashboard

Data on cases, deaths, and tests, as well as hospitalization utilization metrics.

November 13, 2020

Indiana State Department of Health Coronavirus Dashboard

The official dashboard on COVID-19 cases, deaths, and tests across Indiana.

United Way of Johnson County

Locations of United Way Agencies

November 6, 2019

Shelby County United Fund

Locations of United Way agencies

United Way of Madison County

Locations of United Way Agencies

IU Public Policy Institute – Homeless Count

Annual point-in-time homeless count for Marion County.

US Census Redistricting Data

Population by age, race, and ethnicity. Housing by tenure.

EPA Risk-Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI)

Modeled estimates of neighborhood air pollution levels from the EPA.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Location of banks

August 19, 2019

Marion County Department of Health – Food Establishment Permits

Locations of restaurants, groceries, and other food sellers

Indiana State Department of Health – Health Facilities

Locations of hospitals, clinics, mental health clinics

Indiana State Library

Locations of libraries

United Way of Central Indiana

Locations of United Way Agencies

Indiana 211

Locations of organizations that provide social services, including nonprofits and government facilities

Walk Score

Aggregated walk score data by neighborhood.

United States Department of Agriculture

Federal data about population within one mile of grocery store.

Marion County Treasurer’s Office

Distressed properties, based on tax status.

Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD)

Jobs by sector and demographic categories.

IndyGIS – Park and Greenway Locations

Properties with access to parks and greenways.

Indianapolis Public Library

Percent of population with a library card.

Indianapolis Department of Public Works

Permeable surface by neighborhood.

Indiana State Police via IU Public Policy Institute

Bicycle and pedestrian crashes by neighborhood.

Administrative Office of the US Courts

County-level bankruptcy data

Indiana Commission for Higher Education

County-level data about college enrollment and performance.

U.S. Census Bureau – County Business Patterns

Employment, establishments, and payroll by industry.

United Way ALICE Data

Measure of low-income households developed by United Way.

United States Customs and Immigration Services

Approximate population in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

US Small-Area Life Expectancy Project

Neighborhood-level life expectancy data.

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System via County Health Rankings

County-level health behavior data generated from surveys.

Pew Research Center – Undocumented Immigration Estimates

State and metro estimates of undocumented population.

Neighborhood Change Database

Historic census data available for modern census boundaries. Used for SAVI’s neighborhood change index.

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

County-level crime data based on FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful

Neighborhood-level measures of tree canopy based on land cover dataset.

August 15, 2019

International Trade Administration

International export data mostly at the regional level, with some available at county level.


Neighborhood-level measures of transit service.

Indiana Family and Social Services Administration

Quality and capacity information for childcares. Updated annually at the neighborhood level. Also, point locations for childcares.

Kids Count

Administrative data about participants in the Women, Infants, and Children program.

StatsIndiana from Indiana Business Research Center

Economic and demographic data for counties, census tracts, and more.

Freight Analysis Framework

Regional estimates of freight tonnage and value, broken out by goods, mode, and origin/destination.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Areas within flood boundaries.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via County Health Rankings

County-level data on obesity and physical activity.

Bureau of Labor Statistics – Current Employment Statistics

Wages and hours worked by sector, available at regional (MSA) level.

Bureau of Labor Statistics – Local Area Unemployment

Labor force, employment, and unemployment data at the county level.

Bureau of Labor Statistics – Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

Number of employees and wages by industry. Updated quarterly at county level.

August 14, 2019

500 Cities Project

Model-derived estimates of neighborhood level health outcomes and behaviors

National Housing Preservation Database

Counts of subsidized housing units available at the neighborhood level. Disaggregated by size, target tenants, and funding type.

Atmospheric Composition Analysis Group

Neighborhood-level estimates of particulate matter air pollution

U.S. EPA Emissions Data

Air pollution emissions data as reported by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

August 7, 2019

U.S. EPA Air Quality Data

Air quality data as reported by AirData Air Quality Index Summary Report.

Uniform Crime Report Data

Neighborhood-level crime statistics for Marion County. Update annually.

Primary Care Service Area Data

Data about the number of physicians and physicians assistants within service area boundaries.

Marion County Public Health Department Obesity Data

Marion County survey data on obesity, nutrition, and exercise from 2005.

Marion County Public Health Department Death Certificate Data

Death and cause of death at the neighborhood level. Update annually in Marion County.

Marion County Public Health Department Birth Certificate Data

Neighborhood-level birth data updated annually for Marion County.

Marion County Juvenile Justice Data

Juvenile charges compiled by the Marion County Superior Court. Annually updated at the neighborhood level.

Indianapolis Bureau of Neighborhood Services

Building/demolition permits and code enforcement citations in Marion County, available at the neighborhood level.

Indiana State Department of Health – Vitals

Births and deaths by county.

Indiana State Department of Health – Hospital Discharges

Hospital discharges by payer type and diagnosis.

Indiana State Department of Health – Cancer Data

Cancer incidents and deaths by county.

Indiana State Department of Health – Communicable Diseases

Communicable disease rates for a selection of diseases.

Indiana State Department of Health – Birth Defects

Birth defects as reported by the Indiana Birth Defects and Problems Registry.

Indiana Department of Education

Annual updates on schools, student performance, and demographics.

August 6, 2019

Connect2Help 211 Helpline Call Data

Calls placed to Connect2Help’s 211 Helpline broken out by calls, needs, race, gender, and quarter.

Indiana Department of Local Government Finance

Parcel-level property data including assessed values, tax bills, and dwelling characteristics.

HUD Subsidized Housing

HUD data on Section 8 and LIHTC subsidized units.

HUD Aggregated Postal Service Data on Address Vacancies

Vacancy data for residential and commercial addresses from the U.S. Postal Service. Updated quarterly.

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)

Annual administrative data about mortgages (applications, denials, originations) at the census tract level.

U.S. Census Small Area Health Insurance Estimates

County-level, annual estimates of health insurance coverage from the Census Bureau.

U.S. Census American Community Survey

Annual survey from the Census Bureau providing detailed information on individuals and households down to the neighborhood level.

U.S. Decennial Census

Detailed demographics collected every ten years.

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