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MCCOY Makes Data-Informed Decision on Unified Service Location

MCCOY, Inc. is an Indianapolis-based nonprofit organization with the mission to champion the positive development of youth through leadership and community support. It coordinates an Early Intervention and Prevention Initiative (EIP) to reduce the number of children entering the county’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems by improving the coordination of youth services in Marion County.

As part of its EIP strategic plan, MCCOY initiated a project to create a neighborhood-based center that would offer multiple social services at a single location for the convenience of the community. This co-location of services will increase community access to services and promote innovative local partnerships.

The Polis Center joined the multi-organizational task force to help MCCOY reach data-informed decisions about the best location for the center and the services it should offer. SAVI provided comprehensive data at key decision points throughout the process to determine 1) neighborhoods with greatest need, 2) location and availability of existing resources, and 3) potential partners and sites.

Ultimately, with Polis’s support, MCCOY determined the Near Westside neighborhood as the area most in need of a co-location of services site.

Download the full case study.

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