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Polis is working with IU School of Informatics and Computing-IUPUI (SoIC) graduate students in HCC-Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), BioHealth Informatics (BHI)and Clinical Information System (CIS), Health Information Management (HIM), and HCC Department-Data Science disciplines on several Polis projects. Neil Devadasan is mentoring a team of Clinical Information System graduate students–Shruti Apte, Alexis Britt, Preethi T Guruprasad, and Audrey Bonn (BHI) on database design for the Chemical Surveillance System for the Synthetic Drug Crisis (CSS). Karen is mentoring Daniel Murray (HCI) on eliciting and documenting requirements for CSS portal design. Next semester, Daniel will be working with Skip Comer on the associated design and implementation of CSS user testing. Our partner, Dr. Nick Manicke, Dept of Chemistry and CSS Project PI, is mentoring a team of SoIC Clinical Information System graduate students–Bennett Reiss, Carolyn Markwood, Jonnese Fonville, Snigdha Kodela, and Luke Roeschley–on Communication of Clinical Symptoms and Outcomes for the CSS project. Amnah Anwar is mentoring BHI graduate students Jahnavi Pinnamraju, Jyostnasri Mogili, Sahirmayi Chalimila, Hardik Patel, and Silen Patel on the SoA project, including reviewing the beta version of the portal, conducting user testing, helping development of a short report on the impact of COVID-19 on older adults, and recommending best options to present findings online. Jeramy Townsley is working with student Greg Bushyeager (HIM) on assessing methods to automate data collection and quality assurance for SoA. Jay Colbert is working with Sai Vuppala (Data Science) on the SoA project. Matt Nowlin is working with Akshay Yelmar (HCI) on the UX design portion and user testing for the Digital Encyclopedia of Indianapolis. Marianne Cardwell and Jim Sparks are working with Data Science graduate students Taraka Srikrishna Kantipudi, Yamini Sri Vandana Penamakuru, Rajeni Nagarajan, and Sindhuja Madishetty on a national effort to locate as many low-head dams as possible to improve the database inventory of these structures. Low-head dams are particularly dangerous to boaters and swimmers because the hydraulics during high water keep the swimmer pulled under at the base of the dam. Our team is looking at the feasibility of using orthoimagery and or LiDAR data to do that. According to Jim, Indiana has excellent orthoimagery and LiDAR data sets that may prove sufficient, especially in combination, and subject to machine learning, to automate the detection process.

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