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SAVI’s new advanced search feature makes it easier to find the data you are looking for. With this search option you can:

  • Find a community based on its name and then access a complete community profile with one click.
  • Search for communities based on the demographics or socio-economic status of the residents.
  • Search for communities near an address.

Examples of the types of questions you can answer with this search feature:

  • Where are census tracts that have low education attainment levels and low incomes?
  • Where is Broad Ripple?
  • What census tracts are located near this address?
  • In which township is this address located?

This tool can be useful for both communities and researchers. For example, a community knows there is low educational attainment in the community, but isn’t sure where the majority of this population resides within the community. In the example below, we find Census Tracts 3547.00 and 3557.00 have less than or equal to 50% of population with High School Diploma or Higher.

jones 1

Simply, click on the census tract name to view the Community Profile. The profile describes the demographics, economy, education, and health of the tract. It also includes maps of the sites, programs, and agencies within the tract.

jones 2

This is just one of the many examples of how communities can use this feature.

One example of how a researcher used this tool is to identify areas to target educational programming of breast cancer screening. Her research told her that people living in areas low educational attainment, high poverty, and a high proportion of Hispanics are less likely to get screened for breast cancer. Using the Advanced Search feature she was able to identify tracts with low education attainment and high percentage of Hispanics.

Want to learn more about the new Advanced Search feature? We have multiple webinars coming up. Sign up today!

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