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Is Central Indiana a good place to grow old?  Are the basic needs of older adults in Central Indiana being met? What are emerging trends and issues related to older adults in Central Indiana? A collaborative effort by Central Indiana Senior Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF); The Polis Center at IUPUI; the IU Center for Aging Research (IUCAR); and the IU Public Policy Institute’s (PPI) Center for Research on Inclusion and Social Policy (CRISP), addresses these concerns in a new report, The State of Aging in Central Indiana, published April 15. In addition to this report, the joint endeavor produces issue briefs on emerging topics and an interactive information portal (

Funded by Central Indiana Senior Fund, the State of Aging in Central Indiana Report, portal, and briefs serve as the premiere source of data related to growing older in Central Indiana. These resources provide community leaders, decision-makers, older adult-serving entities, and philanthropic organizations place-based information to identify needed programs, funding, and policies. The goal is to help older adults in Central Indiana have equal opportunity for a healthy, dignified, and enjoyable life. Read more.

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