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Greenspace Assessment for Marion County

Green spaces in cities provide significant physical and mental health benefits as well as help minimize the impact of climate change
April 20, 9-11 a.m. (virtual)

Greenspace is an important component of many cities, serving to improve quality of life. This presentation will demonstrate a new tool developed for SAVI, centered around greenspace in Marion County.

This tool will illustrate the areas which would benefit the most from targeted greenspace development. We will discuss how we designed this tool, how to use it, and what we can learn from it moving forward to help improve the communities we live in.

Some highlights we’ve found:

  • There are several areas within Marion County that are in high need for additional greenspace development—attend our SAVI talk to learn where!
  • In Marion County there are several low-income areas that are in high need of greenspace development.
  • In Marion County there are several areas with a high proportion of Black residents that are in need of greenspace development.
  • Community need is an important aspect of evaluating where to add greenspace. Attend our SAVI talk to learn where community need is the greatest in Marion County and how we assessed this.
  • Greenspace is difficult to measure, define, prioritize. Learn how we attempted to do all three at our SAVI talk event.