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The SAVI Talks!  community forums, offered biannually, are targeted, focused conversations that usually feature report findings from a trending topic in the following service sectors:  health, education, basic needs, and financial stability. Ideally, they are intended to bring practitioners, researchers, and thought leaders together in a series of collaborative working sessions to discuss trends, share best practices, and brainstorm solutions related to the state’s most pressing areas of need. The target audience varies with the topic but generally includes representatives from United Way agencies and other organizations providing community services, higher education institutions including centers and researchers, government agencies, media, private industry, and community leaders serving Indiana nonprofits.

Join us September 14 for our upcoming event, SAVI Talks! Public Transit in Marion County!  We will explore data findings from a public transit ridership survey and examine what they reveal about various types of transit riders and how they use transit and how place plays into the equation.  The panel discussion will cover the report findings and consider what they show about opportunities to improve transit access and the implications for the implementation of the Marion County Transit Plan. Previous programs include:

  • “The Affordable Housing Market and Why It Matters” (October 6, 2016) featured highlights from a report prepared by urban analyst John Marron in partnership with the Polis Center. The central theme of the analysis is that affordable housing in Central Indiana encompasses a broader range of economic issues than the price of a home.
  • “IndyVitals” (June 30, 2016) featured a new digital neighborhood monitoring tool powered by the SAVI community information system which was developed for Marion County and Plan 2020, the city-planning initiative that includes representatives from the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee, the Department of Metropolitan Development, the Department of Public Works, the Indy Chamber, and other community leaders.
  • “SAVI Talks Crime – Does Perception Match Reality?” (September 16, 2015) drew 75 participants from 52 organizations, including Troy Riggs and David Wantz, the former and current directors of Marion County Department of Public Safety.
  • “Worlds Apart: Gaps in Life Expectancy in the Indianapolis Metro Area” (July 15, 2015) was developed in partnership with the IU Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI, WFYI, and the Spirit & Place Festival.

SAVI Talks! is a partnership between the Polis Center at IUPUI, IUPUI, the IUPUI School of Liberal Arts, and WFYI.